Sunday, September 01, 2002

2002 Boys Lipan Indians (Photo needed)

A blog contributor recalls this of the 2001-2002 Lipan Boys team:

Maybe one of the best all around teams to ever come out of Lipan. All they were missing was the hardware at the end of the year. Never have I seen a team that worked so well together. They didn't have a weak spot on the floor. Matthew Wright could score at will. Drew Howard for his size was probably the best post in the state hands down. Collin Wilkins was a sharp shooter from outside that could take you in and out. Collin was also probably one of the best defensive players to ever come out of Lipan. Justin Wood was a true point guard, very good ball handler. Bryan Pierson, well he was by far the best althlete on the team. The 6th man, even though he did not play that much (Coach Bleeker pretty much just played the main 5 the whole year unless foul trouble) was Clay Cook - a hustler who reminded me of his teamate Collin Wilkins. If only they had gotten past Brock just one more time, they just might have gone down as the best team to ever come out of Lipan!