Sunday, May 17, 1970

1957 District Champions

Photo contributed by: Jo (Mrs. George) Ator
Front row (L-R): Gerald Rex Wooley, Danny Miller, Jerry McKenzie, Jim (Hoss) Robinson, Nicky Wilson, Ronnie Crow. Back row (L-R): Mgr. David Hodge, Mike Clark, Don Ballenger, Coach Wade Burrows, James Collins, Paul Clark, Mgr. Gary Grogan. Basketball sweetheart Georgan Ford (who later married Nicky Wilson). (James Collins provided the names. He recalls the team lost to Norton in the regional championship game that they could have won had not nearly all the starters fouled out.)

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Jerry McKinzey said...

Thank you James, I lost all of my school pictures in a fire years ago. There are a lot of great memories in that picture

Jerry McKinzey
Class of 1957